Challenge Yourself – Apply To KSDB Executive Staff Today

Are you looking for a new and exciting on-campus job? Do you find yourself wondering how you could get more involved in the community and on campus? Are you a talented, driven individual who actively searches for challenging and rewarding opportunities?

KSDB is hiring new Executive Staff Positions for the spring semester and wants you to get more involved with your favorite college radio station. College radio is a sacred entity that uniquely changes hands as often as its members graduate. Each member is challenged to leave a positive mark behind on KSDB for the short time they can be a part of it. With each passing year, the station has grown and evolved into the beautiful product it is now, but it did not get there on its own. KSDB needs a strong, talented group of individuals to keep it running like the well-oiled machine it has grown to be.

It is your turn to take the wheel and build on the foundation! Check out the available positions listed below:

Promotions Co-Directors – For more information on what this position is about, check out the staff bios of our current Promotions Team (LindsayAllison and Ellen) here.

Music Assistant – For more information on what this position is about, check out the staff bio for our current Music Director here.

Underwriting Assistant – For questions regarding underwriting, email

Website Director – For questions regarding the Website Director position, email

Sports Director – For more detailed information regarding the Sports Director position, visit the Join KSDB page.

News Director For more detailed information regarding the News Director position, visit the Join KSDB page.

Interested in applying for any of these positions? Check out our Join KSDB page for more detailed job descriptions and online application forms.

Applications are due Thursday, December 10th at 11:59pm – Don’t wait to get yours in today!


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Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars

The best way to describe the beginning of this Baltimore duo’s sixth album, Thank Your Lucky Stars, is ethereal. The first couple of songs are very light and refined, and the band is obviously trying to repress their full sound at the beginning. The great thing about this album is that it focuses more on the tone of Victoria’s vocals than the actual lyrics.  As soon as you hear the bass and drums in the song “One Thing”, you know that the album is about to transition into a different sound. And that’s exBeachhouse_thankyourluckystarsactly what happens in the next song, “Common Girl”, which centers mainly on the organ. It borders an amost monotonous sound, which makes sense with the message of the song. “Nobody special done a good thing for somebody else, taking advantage of that good thing for nobody else.” This contrasts with the last song on the album, “Somewhere Tonight”, wich evokes the feeling of a beach, similar to the band’s name. Instead of ending the album with a bang, Beach House decides to end the album wrapped in a little bow.

Thank Your Lucky Stars is a good album, but it kind of stays in its comfort zone. Most of the songs are very similar, and even though they’re good, they fail to fully grasp the listeners’ attention. It is obvious that Beach House is a very strong band considering they’ve been together for over ten years, I would just like to see them branch out a little bit more with their sound.

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KSDB Staff Spotlight: Allison Thomas

AllisonName: Allison Thomas
Twitter: @allizonthomaz
Position at KSDB: Promotions Assistant
Year in School: Junior
Major / Minor: Public Relations, Minor in Women’s Studies
Hometown: Plano, TX

How’d you get involved with KSDB?
I had a good friend who was a DJ during our first semester at K-State. It sounded like something that I would love to get involved in, so I started DJ-ing the next semester.

What exactly does your job entail?
I’m on the promotions staff for KSDB. It’s a big job, and luckily there are three of us to handle different tasks, which include events, social media, and tickets. I manage the social media accounts. This entails keeping each platform (including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) updated, promoting events, responding to tweets and Facebook messages, making liners for DJ’s to read each week, and looking for creative ways to promote the station in a positive light.

Favorite part about your position? Or the station?
I love that KSDB is different than all of the other stations in the area. Aside from variation in music, I think that there is a lot of passion on exec staff as well as among the DJs.

What’s your biggest goal for the semester?
To get a strong follower base on each of our social media platforms. To reach out to our listeners and followers in interactive and engaging ways.

Give us 3 albums or artists you’ve been vibing with lately.
Strange Trails – Lord Huron
Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit – Courtney Barnett
Little Neon Limelight – Houndmouth <—(FAV)

And, a guilty pleasure?

You can hear Al’s alternative shift with her BFF Courtney Mondays from noon-1pm.

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DJ Spotlight: Vail Moshiri

Before heading out for Thanksgiving Break, how about one more DJ Spotlight?

We asked one of our live DJs, Vail Moshiri, a few questions about himself. Check it out.

1. Where did you go to high school?

Lawrence High School

10906450_796202097142980_2251198311919000437_n2. Who is your favorite artist to listen to right now?

My favorite artist to listen to right now is Gold Panda, or Jade Archetype whenever they’re playing around here.

3. How did you get involved with KSDB

I walked past the studio in the union freshman year and did a double take. Rows of CDs reached higher than the studio equipment. Glass doors and
windows framed the scene of my hip and groovy peers supplying the it to all
those who tuned in. I. Was. In. Well, not yet. I had to add it on KSIS first.

4. What is the biggest thing you’ve learned since starting at 91.9?

The biggest thing I’ve learned since starting at 91.9 is that taking the
time to enunciate (instead of rapidly spewing verbal diarrhea), gives one a
cool, calm comfortable air.

5. Where would you like to be in 5 years?

In five years I would like to be on an acreage in a mountain valley with
a small flock of sheep, a couple chickens, 2 goats, 2 cows, and 1 donkey.

6. If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life what would it be?

If I could only watch one film for the rest of my life I would probably
choose the Lego movie. Everything is Awesome!! 😀

Make sure to tune into 91.9 KSDB to hear Vail every Monday and Wednesday from 7-8 am!




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