In the Studio with Keelan Donovan

91.9’s Jared Clark had the chance to sit down with Keelan Donovan while he performed in our union studio on Tuesday, March 3. Donovan was wrapping up his Wrong Destination tour and played a few songs for us.  The set includes a new one that was just written a few weeks ago. Watch the interview and hear him play a new, unreleased song as well as a few of his others!

This is his track “Wrong Destination.” You can check out the rest of Keelan’s set at And if you are interested finding out more about Keelan Donovan you can go to

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The Classroom Series – Andy and The Animals

This week’s installment of the class room series might have happened a couple months ago, but we don’t have a new band this week and we love Andy and the Animals so whatever. Andy and the Animals was a garage punk band from Manhattan. Unfortunately, the band is no longer playing, but hopefully they’ll be back someday. Austin (drums) and Jackson (guitar) were exceptionally nice guys who had a lot of fun playing for us. More of their music can be found at

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The Garage: La Guerre – Sapphires

laguerresapphiresKatlyn Conroy, better known for her musical moniker of La Guerre (French for “war”), is a electronic-pop singer-songwriter out of Lawrence, Kansas. Back in January, she released her second full-length album, Sapphires, that is emotionally resonant for listeners.

Compared to her previous album, Rare and Collectible Spirits, Sapphires is much less electronic. It is stripped down, which brings you closer to the music of La Guerre. The album begins with the track “Matthew.” Although extremely soft, this track sets the tone for the following ten songs. The vocals, which describe an escape, are backed by light sound effects over an electronic keyboard. This song leads into “Favored,” which, unlike “Matthew,” begins much stronger with an tinge of discontentment and bitterness. Yet it still manages to hold onto La Guerre’s simple poetism. “Cannonfire, Timpanis, Tires” (my favorite track off of the album) invokes a pop-like sound with its pounding bass and vocal tempo. Many of her songs, such as “Deadbolt” and “She Kept You”, address the topic of lost love that brings the listener deeper into the intimacy of Sapphires. The final track, “Rabbits,” brings the album to a close in the same way the listener entered, subtle yet enchanting. When the album comes to a close, you can’t help but feel a sense of camaraderie and understanding with La Guerre.

La Guerre is a powerful female vocalist who easily and beautifully creates vivid stories through intimate lyrics. She leaves her listeners desiring and demanding more.

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Actin Crazy: A Helmeted Fire-Breathing Jet-Powered Bald Eagle Dragon Chariot

On Friday, Action Bronson released a video for Actin Crazy, the lead single off his first major label album Mr. Wonderful. I’ve been asked to write a review of the video, but decided it would be much easier to describe the video and allow you to draw your own conclusions.

Bronson Cereal :00 – We open on a stage hand knocking on a door while hearing Bronson prepare to rap.

:05 – Bronson appears from a dressing room, gloriously dressed in all black with a well-coiffed beard and slicked back hair, and eating a bowl of cereal. The real question, though, is: WHAT TYPE OF CEREAL? I think they’re Oatmeal Squares, but I’m open to suggestions. I’ll be watching the comments carefully.

:30 – Bronson arrives on the set of his video shoot to much fanfare. Two women prepare him for the shoot. One grabs the cereal and combs his hair while the other take a lint roller to his all-black outfit.

:45 – Bronson steps onto a green screened set.

1:05 – Someone hands Bronson a pair of headphones and begins pantomiming driving a car, but it’s not a car. It’s a space ship!!! BRONSON SHOOTS INTO SPACE IN A CARTOON ROCKET! More like Astronaut Bronson, amirite?

1:23 – The rocket explodes and Bronson goes into a Sandra Bullockesque Gravity space spin.

1:27 – Bronson stumbles over onto what can only be described as a Helmeted Fire-Breathing Jet-Powered Bald Eagle Dragon Chariot and proceeds to ride it through the air.

1:50 – Bronson walks off the green screen set and immediately regains control of his bowl of cereal. Hair brushed again. Lint rolled again. The cereal appears to be held in a Styrofoam bowl and Bronson is using a plastic spoon. If this cereal is seemingly so important to Bronson, WHY IS IT BEING TREATED WITH SUCH LITTLE CARE?!?!?!


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