Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

ashakesBoys & Girls, the breakthrough 2012 debut from Athens, AL based Alabama Shakes didn’t exactly feel like a fluke, but it didn’t feel sustainable, either. Lead singer Brittany Howard was undeniably charismatic and the motown/soul vibes were a nice change of pace, but I wasn’t sure I’d ever hear from the band again.

That makes Sound of Color, an improvement on their debut, even more enjoyable. Sonically, it’s a very different record. While Howard’s Winehouse-esque vocal deliver remains, the motown sound is replaced by hook heavy southern rock (think Allman Brothers meet The Strokes).

Lead single “Don’t Wanna Fight” stacks up favorably to the Shakes’s 2012 hit “Hold On,” and deeper cuts “Shoegaze,” “I Ain’t The Same,” and “You Ain’t Alone” combine to create a well rounded album. I’ll try not to sleep on this band moving forward.

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The Classroom Series – Black Luck

At long last, KSDB welcomed Lawrence garage punk group Black Luck to the McCain studios for a Classroom Series set. Longtime friends of 91.9, the quartet played a brisk, hard hitting set before heading to Aggie Central Station for a show hosted by KSDB. The group has released 4 e.p.’s since their inception. They can be heard regularly in KSDB’s local music rotation, and found here:

Set list:

Nothing Complete

Butcher’s Block

The Good Fight

Time Elapsed


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Weekly 91.9 News Updates

9.19 things to help you forget finals

helicopter crash#1 Ambassadors killed in helicopter crash
Seven people, including the Norwegian and Filipino ambassadors, were killed when a Pakistani helicopter crashed into a school.  17 people were on the helicopter when it went down.

#2 Kansas braces for more bad weather
Despite recent flooding and tornadoes, some Kansans may not get a reprieve.  Conditions are ripe for more powerful tornadoes and storms in the Midwest.


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Feature DJ: Sydney Dauer

Dauer“I didn’t know that K-State even had a radio station until I saw Ellen Collingwood tweet about one of her shows,” Sydney Dauer, a sophomore in public relations said. “I always loved playing music for my friends and saw this as an opportunity to play music for the entire Manhattan community. I reached out to Ellen asking how to get involved and I was on air within a week.”

Now Dauer is a hip-hop DJ from 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

“Campus radio is important because it provides a place for students to play the music they love on the campus they love,” Dauer said. “People should care about campus radio because it is a unique opportunity open to all students. Not everyone at the station is a journalism major and that’s what makes us truly unique.”


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