The Classroom Series – Black Luck

At long last, KSDB welcomed Lawrence garage punk group Black Luck to the McCain studios for a Classroom Series set. Longtime friends of 91.9, the quartet played a brisk, hard hitting set before heading to Aggie Central Station for a show hosted by KSDB. The group has released 4 e.p.’s since their inception. They can be heard regularly in KSDB’s local music rotation, and found here:

Set list:

Nothing Complete

Butcher’s Block

The Good Fight

Time Elapsed


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Weekly 91.9 News Updates

9.19 things to help you forget finals

helicopter crash#1 Ambassadors killed in helicopter crash
Seven people, including the Norwegian and Filipino ambassadors, were killed when a Pakistani helicopter crashed into a school.  17 people were on the helicopter when it went down.

#2 Kansas braces for more bad weather
Despite recent flooding and tornadoes, some Kansans may not get a reprieve.  Conditions are ripe for more powerful tornadoes and storms in the Midwest.


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Feature DJ: Sydney Dauer

Dauer“I didn’t know that K-State even had a radio station until I saw Ellen Collingwood tweet about one of her shows,” Sydney Dauer, a sophomore in public relations said. “I always loved playing music for my friends and saw this as an opportunity to play music for the entire Manhattan community. I reached out to Ellen asking how to get involved and I was on air within a week.”

Now Dauer is a hip-hop DJ from 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

“Campus radio is important because it provides a place for students to play the music they love on the campus they love,” Dauer said. “People should care about campus radio because it is a unique opportunity open to all students. Not everyone at the station is a journalism major and that’s what makes us truly unique.”


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