Elliot Moss – Boomerang

If you haven’t heard of Elliot Moss, the best way I can describe his sound is a more electronic version of Bon Iver. The percussion heavy “Closedloop” mixed with Moss’ bouncy vocals saying “I can’t tell you what it told me , no” over and over is a great introduction to the album, because it feels like it’s sending you down an auditory rabbit hole.  The second song, “Without the Lights”, is my favorite song on the album. The best way to experience it is by watching the music video. The visuals are stunning and the choreography is amazing, and it compliments the song better than words can. “99” is similar to “Closedloop”, but the vocals are the focus instead of the instrumental.

“Boomerang” is the first track in the second half of the album, and it shifts the sound into a quiet, violin-laden song. It’s completely different from the other tracks on this album, and works as kind of a pallete cleanser to prepare you for the rest of the album. If you couldn’t hear the Bon Iver parallels before, “My Statue Sinking” is very reminiscent of “Woods”. It transitions smoothly into “Dolly Zoom”, to the point where it seems like one long song instead of two. The album ends with “Falling Down and Getting Hurt”. “Everything’s grey that’s in the past/ I dream in strokes of black/ My blue skies went overcast.” It’s not the best ending to an album like I hoped, but it’s alright.

Overall, this album is short and sweet, and is a great introduction to Moss’ work, but I’d like to hear him experiment a bit more. Also, can we just appreciate the album cover for a second?

By: Monica Brich

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