What’s Spinning?

New in Alternative Rotation (Updated 1/31/18)

Ty Segall – Freedom’s Goblin 

California native Ty Segall is at it a again releasing his new 19 track album, Freedom’s Goblin, last week. With every release Segall’s craft has become more refined and that carries with this new release. Featuring his classic punk rock that can be related to Thee Oh Sees, but with a nice charm when featuring Hot Chocolates “Every 1’s a winner.” It’s an instant classic here at KSDB.

Erik Phillips – One

An unexpected delight if offered from Erick Phillips, One. It brings a beautiful soft indie borderline folk sound that is perfectly topped with Erik’s soft and captivating vocals.

Django Django –  Marble Skies

A psychedelic route is taken with Django Django. This album even giving hints of what sounds like the Temples. “It’s just this idea of things constantly turning and moving on,” lead Maclean said. “And you’re just kind of part of it and watching it and helpless to time passing. But sort of becoming at ease with that.”

HOLY –  All these Worlds Are Yours

This album brings an early ’70s psychedelic charm mixed with classic songwriting that focuses on modern anxieties and millennial  angst in a distinct coming-of-age way.

Nadine – oh my

oh my is a collection of sophisticated modern indie-pop album. Polyphonic melodies and instrumental layers take generous and unexpected turns and Nadine fills space with a tremendous warmth and softness.

Milk & Bone – Deception Bay

Montreal’s Milk & Bone created melodies that are both dreamy and harrowing. Made up of layered synths mixed with their mesmerizing harmonies that explore the darker aspects of love, friendship and lust.