What’s Spinning?

New in Alternative Rotation (Updated 4/11/18)

Frankie Cosmos – Vessel

Frankie Cosmos, at it again with a beautiful new album released this March. Its that perfect mix of sweetness that Frankie Cosmos is known for, keeping that classic sound in them with this new album.

Snail Mail – Lush

Snail Mail hunny, can’t go wrong. Lead singer Lindsey Jordan builds emotion within herself and the listener throughout this album.  A nice sound to just bob that head to.

Goat Girl –  Goat Girl

Great, strong, edgy and all other adjectives alike. This powerful and a wonderful start with Goat Girl’s debut album. This newest album is an exciting and unsettling something new. Hopefully they continue to create music because wowza.  

Rainbow Kitten Surprise –  How To: Friend, Love, Freefall

The first album in three years has very classic alternative sounds and then very, not, typical sounds with songs with spoken word versus and songs completely in a Capella. For a full KSDB album review, see: https://ksdbfm.org/rainbow-kitten-suprise-friend-love-freefall/

Gengahr – Where Wildness Grows

They have a very groovy dance middle in there that makes you want to dance with a very echo-ey full vocals. If you like Foster the People type sounds, give these guys a go. 

The Voidz – Virtue

The Voidz newest album out March 30th, channels a popular alt sound that can be related to Glass Animals, with vocals that channel early 2000-esk rock-alt. It’s a nice combo that has created this upbeat album. 

Albert Hammond Jr – Francis Trouble

Albert Hammond Jr is back with his fourth solo album,  Francis Trouble, where lies the track “Far Away Truths.” This up tempo track with hits of inspiration of the early 2000’s is a classic sounding alternative rock sound.