Nick Hakim – Green Twins

Nick Hakim’s debut album Green Twins makes me glad to work at a college radio station how else could I have discovered this truly unique artist. Hakim brings this experimental edge to each of his songs combining elements of jazz and soul.  “Green Twins” the title track starts off with this hum something that you might hear on a Fleet Foxes song, but then Hakim’s soulful voice comes in. I was hooked by his spacious voice as a piano plays. It’s a slow beautiful start then the tempo picks ups as you hear the kind of drumming that could only be found in experimental and hip hop music. The entire song is a strange beautiful arrangement, and gives you a taste of what you are in for with this album. “I Bet She Looks Like You ” keeps the pace going. The song starts off with a guitar using heavy reverb and a slow drum beat creating a chill vibe. Hakim’s voice comes in and  is filled with emotion. For the remainder of the song it’s just that simple drum beat playing along to the reverb sounds of a guitar which create this sound that seems to just be from space. For me I think that my favorite track off the album is “Miss Chew”. It’s a song that features Jesse & Forever. The song starts off with a twangy guitar sound,but then the soulful echoing voice of Hakim comes in and sings with this incredible saxophone sound just stealing the song. “MissFamPlease” is the closet Hakim sounds to Prince.

I would strongly recommend giving this artist a listen to. Nick Hakim may sound like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, but there’s a strange beautiful spaced out style that he brings to his music.

By Clinton Willis

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