Specialty Shows

Specialty shows are students’ opportunity outside of the traditional rotation to hand-craft an hour of programming fit to their unique passions and educate you, the listener. Spanning a broad range of topics including Broadway musicals, local music, metal, and worldly happenings, our programming has something for everyone.

Our current specialty shows include:

Every Weekday

Open Mic (12:00-1:00pm)

Tune in to hear interviews, live music, and more! Or, come on yourself and promote your student organization, talents, research, or opinions. To reserve a segment, visit our Open Mic page.


What’s Happening in Your World (4:00-5:00pm) 

What’s Happening in Your World is an educational interview show that welcomes experts in a variety of fields ranging from Antarctic geoscience to primate cognition. I love learning and happen to be terribly curious, so this show is where I like to share my passions of learning and curiosity. More than anything though, the aim of this show is to provide listeners with thought provoking conversation as well as insightful and applicable take-home messages. So join me in being curious every Sunday at 4:00, and find out What’s Happening in Your World.

The 5 Songs of You (5:00-6:00pm)

What is Christianity? (6:00-7:00pm)

Konshu (7:00-8:00pm) 

Welcome to Konshū! Named for the Japanese term for ‘this week’ (今週), Konshū is a weekly program all about Japanese culture’s influence on the world of pop culture and music in particular. Every Sunday night at 7:00, your hosts Randy and Ian take you through some of the best Japanese music we can get our hands on, structured around the theme of that week’s show, and we have discussions on that topic as well. If you’re in the mood for good music, good laughs, and an all-around good time on your Sunday evening, Konshū is the show for you!

Follow the show @Konshu_KSDB



The Garage (5:00-6:00pm)

Follow the show @Garage_KSDB


New Music of KSDB (4:00-5:00pm)


Femme ‘Till 4 (2:00-4:00pm) 

Every Thursday, 2-4 pm on 91.9 KSDB is your weekly show of female alt/punk rock intertwined w/ updates in intersectional feminist and queer politics.

Follow the show @femmetilfour

LOUDkicks Radio (7:00-9:00pm)

LOUDkicks Radio is a show where listeners thoughts and feelings can be heard every time we’re live. It provides topics that spark community discussion that can be heard around the country with listeners from all walks of life. LOUDkicks radio is filled with recent music, good subjects and a good way to enjoy Thursday nights as the week comes to an end.


Classroom Series (~7:00pm)

Tune in to 91.9 on select Fridays for live, in-studio performances from local artists.


Madness After Midnight (12:00-1:00am) 

This show brings experimental music from the past to invigorate interest in  these music genres and give them new life. From House, Techno, Vaporwave/Synthwave/Retrowave, Drumcore and Hardbass.

The 808 (8:00-10:00pm)

The 808 is Manhattan’s source for new electronic and hip-hop music. Listen every Saturday to learn what’s playing, what’s hot, and what is coming in these two overlapping music scenes.

Follow the show @The808KSDB

Game Night after Dark (10:00-11:00pm) 

This isn’t your family’s game night. Tune in Wednesdays at 10pm to hear the wonderful chaos of your favorite DJs playing everything from Cards Against Humanity to Exploding Kittens, and everything in between.

Listener discretion is advised.