KSDB FM Executive Staff
Spring 2017

Station Manager
LeAndre Carthen
Wichita, KS
Graduate Student, Public Relations
Staff Spotlight: Get to Know LeAndre

Screenshot_2016-03-22-15-41-32-1Program Director
James Copeland
Wichita, KS
Junior, Journalism and Digital Media
Staff Spotlight: Get to Know James

Screenshot_2016-03-22-15-41-19-1Music Director
Dylan Swoyer
Shawnee, KS
Senior, Civil Engineering
Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Dylan

Music Assistant
Clinton Willis
Wichita, KS
Junior, Mass Communications
Staff Spotlight: Get to know Clinton

Production Director
Blane Worley
Haughton, LA
Graduate Student, Mathematics
Staff Spotlight: Coming Soon!

Production Assistant
Evan Penner
Clay Center, KS
Junior, Mass Communications
Staff Spotlight: Coming Soon!

Screenshot_2016-03-22-15-40-57-1Co-Promotions Director (Social Media and Giveaways)
Bridget Lynch
Shawnee, KS
Junior, Anthropology
Staff Spotlight: Get to know Bridget

Screenshot_2016-03-22-15-40-51-1Co-Promotions Director (Events and Partnerships)
David Dougherty
Shawnee, KS
Senior, Chemical Engineering
Staff Spotlight: Get to know David

Sports Director
Grant Nicholson
Olathe, KS
Junior, Mass Communications/Journalism
Staff Spotlight: Get to know Grant

Screenshot_2016-03-22-15-41-23-1Website Director
Monica Brich
Shawnee, KS
Junior, Journalism
Staff Spotlight: Get to Know Monica

Underwriting Representative
Brennan Flanagan
Olathe, KS
Junior, Secondary Education – Social Studies
Staff Spotlight: Get to know Brennan

News Director
Lucas Peterson
Liberty, MO
Sophomore, Political Science
Staff Spotlight: Get to know Lucas

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Staff Openings:

We are not currently hiring, but please check back later as we will be hiring for Fall 2017.

Please note that anyone enrolled in the KSDB FM practicum class (MC385) will NOT be able to apply for an Executive Staff position.

Student Volunteer/Experience Opportunities:
While our paid staff positions may be limited, you can get experience at your availability in any of the following areas at KSDB.

  • Graphic design (concert posters, event graphics, station materials)
  • Writing (news writing, concert/album reviews, interviews, scripts)
  • Sales (underwriting with local Manhattan businesses)
  • Event planning (promotions, campus organization partnerships)
  • Photography (live events, studio photography, student portraits)

Interested in joining the KSDB crew? Shoot an email with your information and interest to and learn more about why we love student-run college radio.