Ty Segall – Self-titled (2)

Ty Segall’s latest album is a rock powerhouse. Now whether that’s pysch-rock, punk-rock, garage-rock, glam-rock, or any other subgenre within a sub-genre, it just depends on the song you are listening to off this newest album. Ty Segall  is like an appetizer sampler plate- a bit of everything that leaves you wanting more. Segall carries frantic energy, bringing different waves and paces in every song. “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned) combines softer jazzier guitar melodies with that fuzz we all love and a nice pinch of trippiness involved. It’s a show piece that accentuates all of Segall’s talents all at once. Every song has a messy, cohesive feel that sweeps the listener right in.

Acoustic “Talkin’” is like walking into a saloon with the Beatles. This vast difference partnered with longer songs can leave this listener questioning if they are really listening to the same album. Rest assured, the shredding guitar riffs of “The Only One” and the near indecipherable “Thank You Mr. K”, and the crooner tune “Orange Color Queen” are on the same album of strength.  Even though the songs may be a bit like genre whiplash, Ty Segall showcases the talents of the wannabe Brit, with his fake accent a shiny pebble within the fuzzy, mushy, chaos that is a Ty Segall song. All of this together creates a beautiful example of Ty Segall’s ability to transcend genres and sense with ease.

By: Bridget Lynch

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