The Whiffs – Take A Whiff! EP

This debut EP from the newest signee to Kansas City label, High Dive Records, knows the purpose it serves, and it serves it well. It’s just hearty, good power-pop. The group formed because they felt KC had a void to be filled for all those power-pop fans out there – and they succeeded in creating a wonderful and catchy pop sound.

Included in the mix is the frontman of The Conquerors, Rory Cameron (who released possibly my favorite local album of 2016). If you’re a fan of their throwback style of rock ‘n’ roll, you’ll almost certainly love this poppier version take on ’60s rock. There are also members of Rooftop Vigilantes, Wet Ones, and more.

Eight tracks long, this EP is short and sweet with all tracks right around the 2 minute mark. It sets up well for some excitement surrounding the band and what they’ll be up to next. They’ve certainly been playing live shows non-stop around the area.

By: Dylan Swoyer

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